Diabolical Delirium Gloves With Stripe Ruffle

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Gloves can put the finishing touch on any outfit, they can also change the look from conservative, to elegant, to edgy. Breath new life in to some of your favorite outfits by changing your gloves.

The Mistress of the Manor gloves are cruel, sexy, with a touch of romance. Are you cruel and cold with the matte black pvc stretch gloves? Do you like pain, do you like to dominate? Or, do you simply like to play with your prey for a bit of fun, with the black & white alternating nylon layered ruffles? Are you soft to the touch? Will you kiss him, or slap him, or lead him down a path of insanity?
If there is a crime, look to the girl in the gloves...




Fabric contents: 100% Poly
Care: Hand wash cold water. Dry flat. 
Length: Opera length