Crush And Burn Corset

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From the brand new collection of World Famous Heavy Red Corsetry...As you wonder through life, lusting, loving and losing, one must walk proud and dress accordingly with the Crush & Burn Corset.

Designed and sewn exclusively by Heavy Red, the Crush & Burn corset is binding, beautiful and appropriate for waist training, giving you that perfect hourglass figure. Our Solitude corset is made of black on black 1/4" stripe fabric panels. With 12 heavy steel boned panels, this body sculpting masterpiece of artful seams will leave you breathless...

This corset is truly to die for…
With Victorian sweetheart panels (very flattering and form fitting technique). The lines of this corset will give you such elegant stature, you will be the object of everyone's affections. The corset is adorned with 8 burgundy embroidered straps of varying length tacked with a brass head. This is not merely a corset, this is wearable art.

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Bone: Steel spiral boning & White steel boning
Interior: 4 layers of fabric and fusing
Waist Training: Yes. Interior ribbon for waist reduction and shape holding.
Front Closure: 6 prong steel busk
Back Closure: Lace-up back with 28 hand set grommets
Back Vanity Panel: 5" wide
Lining: Organic black cotton

Fabric contents: 90% cotton / 10% Lycra
Care: Dry clean only




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