Alice en Splendeur Dément - Brocade Heart Corset

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From the brand new collection of World Famous Heavy Red Corsetry.

Alice en Splendeur Dément, the limited edition corset by Heavy Red.
En Splendeur Dément {French: state of demented splendor}

Seduced by her own insatiable curiosity, Alice is drawn deeper and deeper into Wonderland. Nothing is familiar yet she senses there is a reason she is here.

"What am I looking for? Surely it must be more than the White Rabbit?" She wanders on and on, feeling more lost and confused at every turn. Her spirit sags, her legs become weak with exhaustion . . . "If only I could sit and have some proper tea . . ."

"Tea? Did I hear someone say TEA?? Why my dear, you have come to the exact right place - in fact, it couldn't be more right!" A strange man calling himself the Mad Hatter offers her a seat at a lavish tea table set upon, of all things, a hospital gurney in a cavernous abandoned ward room. He ceremoniously hands her a cup of tea in a beautiful bronze teacup, accompanied by a heart-shaped cookie. 

Nervous at first, but grateful for the refreshments, Alice accepts. Astonishingly, no matter how much she drinks, the cup is always full and no matter how much she bites, the cookie is complete! As she sips and nibbles, things around her begin to swirl with a mysterious energy. She soon finds herself dancing and spinning, weeping and laughing - joy and pathos mixed together. Foreign laughter merges with her own, filling her head with a lyrical madness. She could spin this way forever . . .

Somewhere in her mind, a small voice reminds her that she is very late - but late for what? She cannot remember but is compelled to leave. A door, yes! Oh, a hallway - so long she cannot see the end. Turn here, oh another hallway. Empty rooms, countless rooms calling out to her in different echoes - "Choose me, choose me, choose, choose, choose!"

Running, spinning through this palace of decadent confinement and infinite corridors, Alice's mind struggles to make sense of what this is . . . or what it is not. Where does it lead? Where does it end? Were these straps always on my jacket? What are these padlocks that bind me?

Just when Alice is about to give up & sink to the floor, a hand reaches out of the shadows to give her a card. It is the Ace of Spades but the image on the card is her own. A light begins to shine from a room ahead, beckoning her in. The walls are as white as the floor. The door dissolves behind her - no way in, no way out - only white, up, down, all around. Suddenly her thoughts begin to appear on the walls.

"I am mad - no, I am NOT mad - I AM ALICE!!!! Think DOOR!"
A door does indeed appear on the wall. Once again roaming Wonderland, she spots the White Rabbit ahead in the distance. She calls out to him and begins pursuit. She reaches a door and looks though the glass. She believes she sees him just as he turns a corner, but the door is locked! If only she had a key...

The Corset: The muted antique gold and black brocade corset, which is decadent in its own right, is adorned with a divided blood red taffeta heart.
The all steel boned corset has a 4 prong busk front closure. The back has a 20 hand-set grommet back lacing. The edge of the corset has been cut and sewn into a pointed scallop. The corset is lined with organic cotton. You will be able to cinch yourself and get the great shape you desire. Later, this piece will look amazing over many different Heavy Red dresses and shirts! This is not merely a corset, this is wearable art.



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Bone: Steel spiral boning & White steel boning
Interior: 4 layers of fabric and fusing
Waist Training: No.
Closure: 4 Busk
Back Closure: Lace-up back with 20 hand set grommets
Lining: Organic black cotton
Vanity Panel: 5" wide

Fabric contents: 90% cotton / 10% Lycra

Note: Shown here with the Alice dress, jacket and accessories, all sold separately.
Care: Dry clean only.




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