Tenebrous Circumstance Corset Coat

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The ever exquisite Tenebrous Circumstance Coat is superb in both fit and style. The mixture of details, patterned stitching, pleating and fitted lines mixed with the flirtatious romance of a corseting back and flowing hem is devastatingly feminine. Perfect for the sometimes harsh yet romantic.

The soft heavy weight jet black faux wool coat is fully lined and has a pleated collar which can be worn in so many ways to fit every occasion. The hand pleated collar can be worn up, to protect you from the wind and cold, as well as surround you with an air of mystery, or it can be worn down to create a rounded back beautifully formal look. The shoulders have a curved overlay as well as covered button straps.

The waistline and bust are trimmed with angled straps - great texture and very slimming. The front of the coat has double button fabric panel, which when unbuttoned reveals the zipper underneath. This provides extra warmth and the stability of a nice heavy zipper closure. The waist of the coat starts out pleated and evolves into a beautifully full hem. The coat is shorter in front, just above the knee, and cascades to a longer back.

The back of the coat has a corset so you can attain the right fit from the bust to the waist. The sleeves are adorned with two rivet attached straps. The cuffs are a thing of beauty, with straps all the way around allowing the wearer to make the cuffs longer or shorter with a touch of edgy futuristic military...

Let the defiant and the flirtatious bloom in you...


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Fabric contents: 80% Poly / 20% Cotton

Care: Spot clean cold water / lay flat to dry. No bleach. Dry clean only.