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Nearly Perfect.

Alice est Réveillé, the limited edition Couture Noir corset by Heavy Red.
est Réveillé {French: is Awakened}

Slowly Alice opened her eyes . . . at first, she did not know if she had actually been in another world, or just dreaming in her room. Even more curious was she did not care. She was awake now and somehow everything seemed different. 

She fingered the fine fabric of her dress, she felt the floor she was sitting on, she saw the light streaming in the windows with an almost painful clarity. All her senses felt fine-tuned and acute. She now felt who she was (and had always been). It was a stripped down, basic truth . . . and it was hers, all hers. It was indifferent to judgements & tea parties, it was unchanged by demands & unobtainable rabbits, it was not impeded by fears or treacherous queens. Had this journey been of her own making?

In the darkest moments of this adventure is when she truly found her strength and clarity, and a fierce bravery had been irrevocably forged. She knew now that she would have more adventures, but she would walk down her own path and listen to her own voice, choosing what to believe and what to simply let go.!

Oh my, how very exciting . . . !

As Alice existed in this new state of being, she found herself transcending not only her surroundings, but even the identity of her clothes. The dress began to evaporate in a mist of blue, leaving the bones of her soul open to the experience of the world.

The Corset : The off-white satin rib corset is elegant beyond words.
The 14-strap corset creates flattering angles under the bust and at the hip.
The steel-boned corset has triple-boned sides, a busk front and a 18 hand-set grommet back closure.

There are 2 loops on the bottom of either side, which are perfect to string jewelry, charms or fabric through.

Gorgeous over shirts and dresses. This is a very sturdy, beautifully crafted, amazingly fitted corset. This is not merely a corset, this is wearable art.

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Note: On these particular corsets there are 1-2 very small (less than 1/16") stains. The marks are subtle and vary (in size and location) from corset to corset. Most marks are very hard to notice (almost impossible to see in the photo!). The corset construction is in perfect shape, this is just a cosmetic blemish from the manufacturing process. This is a perfect opportunity to get an amazing corset for a fraction of the usual price.



Bone: Steel spiral boning & White steel boning
Interior: 4 layers of fabric and fusing
Waist Training: No.
Front Closure: 4 prong steel busk
Back Closure: Lace-up back with 18 hand set grommets
Lining: Organic white cotton
Vanity Panel: 8"

Fabric contents: 90% cotton / 10% Lycra
Care: Dry clean only

Note: Shown here with Alice dress, collar, gloves and other accessories, all sold separately.




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