Bound By Love Red Corset Gloves

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Gloves can put the finishing touch on any outfit, they can also change the look from conservative, to elegant, to edgy. Breath new life in to some of your favorite outfits by changing your gloves.

For all that you keep bound up inside, the love, the passion, the inner most secrets...The Bound by Love Red Corset gloves will keep the emotions restrained especially as he raises your hand to kiss it. They will all know how much lies beneath the surface.
The beautifully ornate deep crimson lace gloves have a black stretch cotton underside so you do not need to adjust the corseting to get in and out of the gloves. The laces can be loosened or tightened for the desired fit.




Fabric contents: 80% Poly / 20% Spandex
Care: Hand wash cold water. Dry flat. 
Length: Elbow length