Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit Cameo Watch

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From the all new Noir Jewelry line by Heavy Red, comes a piece of undeniable beauty and grace touched with an elegant darkness.
Each piece especially designed to play an iconic role in your ensembles.

Alice, the brave wanderer, beset upon by all sorts.
Tick-Tock minds the White Rabbit, "I'm late! I'm late! Must not be late!"

The bronze setting has an ornate frame topped with a glass cameo of the illustrated classic Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit. The cameo hinges open to reveal a clock. This cameo will delight onlookers and add beauty to every outfit.

Designed by Heavy Red, the necklace is handmade in the USA.




Made From: zinc alloy the necklace is Nickel free and Lead free.

Note: This clock is decorative and may not keep time.