Alice en Deshabille Cream Dress

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En Déshabillé {French: state of partly dressed or scantily dressed}

Alice en déshabillé, the limited edition Couture Noir dress by Heavy Red. Chasing the White Rabbit, Alice finds herself teetering on the edge of a dark abyss - a rabbit hole into Another World. Should she follow, should she not? The wind blows her skirt, Alice loses her balance - the decision has been made - she tumbles in and whirls down, down, down into the darkness. As she falls, her dress catches on a branch here, a floating chair there - endless down, down, down. Suddenly without warning, Alice hits the bottom very hard, head over teacup. "Where am I?" Someone says, "She's late, she'd better get dressed!" "Dressed??? I am . . . oh dear, it seems my dress was torn off in the rabbit hole!!!" Alice has landed in Wonderland en déshabillé.

The super soft, cream cotton dress is rich with details, double seam bodice quilted cups, edged ruffle bodice and waistline, covered buttons, artistic seam lines which move with the shape of the body, quilted waistline in garter belt shape, a fully layered dress skirt, with an inside panel of ruffles. The shape of this dress is incredibly flattering and versatile. The back of the dress creates a long series of V-shaped ruffles going down to the back of your legs. The dress has corset lacing in back to allow you to cinch the waist as tight as you want. The dress has a back zipper and adjustable straps. At the waistline are 8 sewn straps. These straps can be left dangling, can be tied in bows, or can be used to tie up the front panels to reveal your ruffled underskirt.

This dress can be worn in so many ways (including as a perfect wedding dress) and was designed not only to fit all shapes and sizes with ease and perfect adjustment, but to allow you to be the Alice you are, be you naughty or nice.


Fabric contents: 85% Cotton / 15% Polyester
Soft silky fabric. No stretch.

Care: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry cold. Iron is needed.

Details: Back zipper. Adjustable straps. Corseting back for perfect fit. Quilted bust. Top skirt with ruffled under skirt. Tiered skirt. Pleats and intricate seaming.

Note: Shown here with blue corset, sold separately.




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