Alice Emprisonne - Alice In Wonderland Dress & Cape

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Alice Emprisonné, the limited edition Couture Noir dress & cape by Heavy Red. Emprisonné {French: Imprisoned}

Growing weary of Wonderland, with no trace of the White Rabbit, Alice decides to give up and return home. Home to the life she knows and understands, even though she feels she does not belong. But how exactly does one get back to something one has left behind? Is it a right and then a left, or maybe it is down and around . . . She walks and walks through endless gardens, abandoned, no one to guide her. Was she getting closer or farther from what she truly wanted? Alice sat amongst the trees and flowers and began to cry. Sad, disappointed, alone. As she wiped away one of her tears, she saw something flicker in the distance. Her heart leapt and hope rekindled. Alice jumped up and ran to see what it was. Oh thank goodness, it was the White Rabbit! "Mr. Rabbit, sir, please wait! I've been looking for you everywhere . . . oh do wait, I'm coming!"

But despite running as fast as she could, Alice was no match for the Rabbit's speed. As she slowed to catch her breath, she began to notice the state of things. "Curious. All the flowers and trees have lost their color." Feeling a strange sensation seeping through her body, a shocking realization became apparent, "Oh dear . . . I am losing my color!!!" Indeed Alice's once blue dress had drained to shades of gray. In a panic, she turned to run. She must escape whatever was stealing the color from everything! But alas she was too late. As she tried to retreat, a vice-like hand gripped her arm. Twisting to wrench free, she beheld in horror a life-size Playing Card with the head of a man! The Card pulled Alice down a spiral of stone stairs. With every step, large brass keys jangled on a ring that he held in his free hand. Upon reaching the bottom, he took out a key carved with a large letter "A," unlocking a massive door. "Oh no, no, please let me go . . . not in there!!!" Alice's desperate pleas fell on deaf ears. Shoving her inside, where she fell to the floor, he locked the door and left her there alone. Alice looked up to see where she was. In the dim light, it looked like a dungeon. "Oh dear, I seem to have been captured . . . but by whom????"

Alice was left in solitary for an immeasurable amount of time. She laughed, cried, danced, screamed, plotted and planned. The prison offered no comforts. It was empty, barring a small table and a deck of cards. Alice had played every game of cards she could think of to keep herself amused, but no matter what game she played, the last card to be drawn was always the Queen of Hearts. She spent hours staring at that particular card. There was a small window, only a few inches wide, in her cell. Alice would struggle to catch a glimpse of the rising and setting sun. One day she heard voices from outside . . .

"The Queen will want to see her."
"Our orders are to wait until Alice has made her decision."
"Very well, but the Queen grows impatient."
"I do hope that Alice decides to fight."
"Oh no, the Queen would much prefer if Alice surrenders completely."

In that moment Alice knew her fate was entirely in her own hands. She must fight, not for the safety of what she had known as a child, but for the truth she must find here and now. She must fight for love, for truth, for her life, for her HEART.

Will that heart be strong enough to confront the future that awaits her . . . or will she lose herself completely?

 The Dress, Only Alice could look so ravishing in such dire circumstances! Femininity never to be lost (even when Alice is!), the ruched cross-over bust gives perfect shape for small and larger busts alike and has thin padded inserts to ensure a smooth and flattering shape.

The bust is framed and supported with wide-set adjustable straps. Just below, a matching band of deepest charcoal binds across her heart as though to keep it from breaking. Flowing down like Alice's tears, in a continuous line from the straps, are waist-defining charcoal insets ending in long dripping ties, to be left loose or not. The dress reveals her impending future with light gray appliqués crisscrossing the torso in a delicious web of trepidation and vulnerable beauty.

A quilted V-shaped panel both emphasizes and slims the natural curve of the hips, as it points to the cascade of ruffles that becomes the lavish three-tiered skirt. No matter how constrained Alice may be, her indomitable spirit and freedom of heart are always present in the lush untamed layers of fabric that float & swirl about her. Beneath 3 sets of light gray peplum panels are 6 rows of charcoal ruffles laying atop a light gray underskirt.

The entire dress is rendered in lustrous cotton/nylon blend (both soft and durable), with couture attention to all the intricate seaming. The back of the dress creates a long series of V-shaped ruffles going down to the back of your legs. The dress has corset lacing in back to allow you to cinch the waist as tight as you want, as well as a back zipper. This dress can be worn in so many ways and was designed not only to fit all shapes and sizes with ease and perfect adjustment, but to allow you to be the Alice you are, be you lost or found ...

The Cape: The matching gray cape has a pleated collar which can be worn high, or turned out to reveal a second set of pleats. There are ties at the neck so you can wear it more open or closed. The 3 layers are all cut on the bias so they drape and hang beautifully off your shoulders. The cape is the perfect way to make an entrance. Take it off or keep it on, the costume looks amazing both ways.



Fabric contents: 90% Cotton / 10% Nylon
Soft silky fabric. No stretch.

Care: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry cold. Iron as needed.

Details: Back zipper. Adjustable straps (can be tied at any length). Corseting back for perfect fit. Tiered ruffled skirt. Straps and intricate seaming.

Note: Shown here with Alice Armor Corset, cage, hat, gloves and accessories, all sold separately.
Cape is included with the dress.




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